The complete market study on Wearable Medical Devices in a nutshell
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Analytical Cognizance Research has published a market study that explores the realm of Wearable Medical Devices. Wearable Medical Devices refer to “Wearable Technology” that includes a wide variety of electronic devices that consumers can literally wear. This includes devices like the highly popular Fitbits and Smartwatches that monitor, collect and record data during day-to-day activities. “Wearable Technology” refers to a broad range of technology that points to heavily modified smartwatches or even something simpler such as an ordinary wristwatch.  

These devices incorporate a variety of sensors ranging from accelerometers, thermometers and heart-rate monitors. The latest wearable device even feature optical head mounted devices which can be calibrated by gestures.

Wearable devices can be equipped on the wrist (Fitness trackers), hung from the neck, Strapped to the arms(While exercising) or even equipped on the head(In the form of a helmet or glasses). Devices that can be carried in a pocket or a bag such as certain smartphones who come quipped with the same features may or may not be qualified as “Wearable Devices”.

Factors such as rising prevalence in chronic diseases, rising mortality rates, increase in lifestyle-associated disorders and rise in demand for remote-patient monitoring will drive the Wearable Device Market. However, factors such as data hacking and theft coupled with rising privacy and security issues will hinder the growth of the market to a certain extend.  

Report on Wearable Medical Device Market:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The clinical grade Wearable devices that monitor vital factors such as glucose and fetal monitoring issues to name a few, currently occupy the largest sector due to their prevalence.
While the North American region will dominate the sector in terms of physical devices registered, the European and Asian markets can be projected to witness the highest growth in terms of CAGR.
Factors such as technological advancements, user-friendly interface coupled with reducing prices will drive the market.