Telemedicine is the next step in automation for the e-health industry
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Analytical Research has added a new market study that revolves around the “Telemedicine Industry”. Invented during the late 1950’s, Telemedicine was a tool that was meant to increase the accessibility of the Healthcare Industry by increasing patient engagement protocols. In essence, Telemedicine refers to the process of practicing patient-care remotely where the patient and the care-provider cannot be present physically due to overwhelming circumstances.

Telemedicine allows for a long range of services such as long-distance point of care services ranging from advice, reminders and interventions regarding a variety of medical emergencies. However, it should be noted that Telemedicine at this point in development is not an alternate source of medicine, it is just a remedy for the time being. At a time where constant medical intervention can be a required for a majority of the population, Telemedicine serves as a bridge to gap between physical and electronic care.  

The concept of Telemedicine and telehealth is particularly new to health care providers, which makes its implementations and adaption slow. However, with the continued approach in raised awareness and the advantages Telemedicine brings to the table is helping greatly with its expansion.

While Telemedicine holds several advantages when it comes to patient care, factors such as increasing population, shortage of knowledgeable and skilled work force, growing range of chronic diseases and regional variations in detection of fraudulent cases hinder the growth to a certain extent. However a constant need to expand healthcare access and advancements in telecommunication methods push the growth of the Telemedicine sector to a greater range.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

In times of shortage of physicians and diagnosticians, quick medical emergencies and exclusivity can give rise of Telemedicine inevitably.
The European and the Asian Regions are expected to witness the highest growth in the Telemedicine sector.
Increasing budgetary spending for E-Medicine and raising awareness contribute to a larger growth trajectory for Telemedicine.