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Humans are humans because they know this art and science of collaboration. The co

Humans are humans because they know this art and science of collaboration. The collaboration is the final tip of an existence that we create in various networks. The networking solutions are the need of the hours. Currently, most of the networking solution developers are working on various subsets of the business communities and coming up ideal networking places for the individuals on virtual platforms. Let's reverse the order for a while, at the turn of the century networking was holding a different definition altogether, it was the time when machines were primary and humans were adapting themselves with the machines. Now the things are changing. Machines are loaded with artificial intelligence and they are in a mood to serve the business needs of an individual or a group of individuals. They are creating new jargons. The human interaction with the technology is weaving a new culture of communication. Quite surprisingly it is not the IT tools but the culture of the communication which is serving as the key to networking.  This change in the perspective is redefining the fate of the firms that are dealing in this sector.

Networking as an industry is also finding its way into the realms of the big data solutions. Networking is creating the backbone of the big data industry. Networking solutions are creating the ports where many sources are filling in the data. Networking solutions are creating data grids where they are consolidated data and supporting various industry segments. This new dimension connected to IT practices is adding a new dimension to the profile of this industry. Existing networking solutions have already become the state of the factory. However, the big data-based solutions are creating a new market for this segment. As an investor one can search for some options in the two sectors quite easily.  



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