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Apart from sharing the glories associated with the history of the countries, most

Apart from sharing the glories associated with the history of the countries, most of the citizens of the countries are also sharing a public debt on their shoulders as well. In the year 2006 when most of the economies were facing a stagnancy the concerns related to the public debts came in the foray. If the population of any given country is working well and producing some fruits for the GDP then public debt automatically becomes less. However, during the period of the stagnancy, it becomes a burden.  

In normal conditions, an investment in this sector can be considered as a safe option because an average investor is sharing his fortune with many more people in the same pie chart. Government and other powerful economic forces are responsible for the welfare of this sector and they often come up with necessary injunctions to save this sector if something goes wrong with it.

For instance, if you are investing in insurance sector owned by a public sector undertaking then your investment is secured by the assurance of the government at a minimum level. The multiplier of this industry is on the higher side and this factor also makes it a safe investment. The chain of the people involved in the task always enjoys the power to share the jolt collectively if something goes wrong.  

Most of the economic forces always want to keep the health of their public sector in good condition because it also functions as an indicator of the strength of the economy.  They directly correspond to the happiness index of the people of a country. This is why most of the governments want them to stay in a healthy position all the time. This sector always gets a patronage from the government and issues concerned to the public welfare are an issue of international concerns as well.



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