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Education is not an industry sector anymore; it is a mission that is governing th

Education is not an industry sector anymore; it is a mission that is governing the future of various countries. The world is heading towards the arrival of a knowledge-based economy and most of the countries are aware of this fact that their future standings are dependent on the levels of the education. This is why over the years; education has emerged as a recession-proof business. Any investment in the sector of the education brings in an stability in the profile of an investor.

The multiplier of this industry sector is high and an estimation of the size of this industry is difficult to estimate because of its last mile reach. As an investor, you can only weight your options in the organized sector of education where they have introduced a kind of standardization and catering to a global workforce. Simple factors like an increase in the population or increase in the awareness levels of the individuals can be attributed as a push factor for this industry sector.

As an investor one should never forget to explore the possibilities of introduction of IT facility in the sector of education. Apart from it, they should also keep a role on the big data firms that are making an entry in this segment. Many experts believe that the days of the information are over, the future generations will survive on the virtue of the analytics. This statement somehow restricts the usefulness of the structured education.

The segment of the higher education can also observe a pickup in the coming future because machines are taking over all the SMART acts from the human beings and human beings are surviving because they are intelligent and somehow they are also blessed with artificial intelligence at the same time. Overall it is a segment where strong pull factors are working and allowing this segment to flourish with an exponential growth.  



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