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Have a look at the past you will find farmers fetching their fruits and vegetable

Have a look at the past you will find farmers fetching their fruits and vegetables in the local markets, counting the money and arranging it and moving back to their villages with happy faces. If this is the concept that you are having in your mind related to the industry of the fruits and the vegetables then you are partially wrong.  Right now a farmer picks the best yield in a different storage setup and summons a carrier. This fast speed carrier fetches the farm fresh fruits and vegetables to a unit where they put stickers on them and dispatch it for cargo services. Within a time of few days’ best restaurants of the world gets an access to the best fruits and vegetables of the world and serve them.

Online retail chains purchase the second best portion from the same lot and place the deals on their websites to sell them quickly. Finally, we have this third lot ready with the farmer that travels to the vegetable markets in a traditional fashion. This new distribution model of the fruits and vegetable industry makes it fit for the investment. We cannot deny the fact that the demand for these goods will increase. The strengthening of the distribution network can always support this segment to regularize its practices.

The presence of the pricing slabs also supports the industry in the terms of bringing down the jolts that are associated with the fluctuations of the market. Most importantly this industry sector has become a regular supplier for a culinary culture where the demand for the goods is steady. Ventures like organized farming and farm-fresh goods are catching up and creating high price opportunities for this section.  Niche sectors like organic farming and state of the art packaging have an interesting story to share with us all the time.



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