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Just like Petroleum, the milk products can also be processed in multiple ways and

Just like Petroleum, the milk products can also be processed in multiple ways and each stage can come up with a product worth good market value.  The developments in the processing of the milk for the by-products have also given rise to many more sub-industries. It also means that every drop of milk has multiple reasons to give profit to an industry owner who has an integrated plan dedicated to various stages of the production and processing of the milk.  

The perishability associated with the milk was a big problem in the past. During the decade of the 60’s in the 20th-century milk, the industry was not able to handle the pressure generated by the natural increase in the population. The advancement in the transport facilities and the techniques of the preservation has changed the face of this industry. Now this industry is capable of handling complex business models and serves the population of certain geographical areas based on the economy of the scale.  

Some organized sector players have created huge industrial setups to collect the milk in various milk parlors, after the collection of milk they process them in huge plants and get the worth of every drop. This streak of the organizing the business is making it a profitable industry. This collaborative effort made by the small players under a single umbrella is creating a business model where everybody is getting best benefits and feeling safe under the insurance cover.

Most of the organized sector players are also busy in above the line integration of the business. They are promoting a new culinary culture associated with the by-products of the main milk industry. The packaging industry is also playing its bit in the development of this particular industry sector. An investment in this sector is bound to make good profits because the demand for the milk-based product is always on an increase.



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