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The simple business of quenching the thirst has become a complex industry where d

The simple business of quenching the thirst has become a complex industry where developing an understanding of the consumer behavior can become a herculean task for many. The ease in the packaging solutions has changed the face of this industry. Certain non-alcoholic beverages have become a part of the lifestyle of the people.  Instead of promoting them as simple solutions the promoters of these drugs are promoting them as the lifestyle based solutions.

They are experimenting a lot and coming up with new spices and mixtures to lure the youngsters. Many prudent marketing campaigns have been launched where they are adding beverages as the next big lifestyle related solutions. They are also adding health-based solutions in the kitty. The difference between the actual cost of a beverage and the pricing is creating ample opportunities for the promoters to come up with some innovative ways to promote their offerings.  

Any student of the political science will talk about the cold war during the 80’s and 90’s and any student working in the stream of the marketing will remember the days of the Cola war that took place between Coke and Pepsi. Right now both the companies are together fighting for the existence of the cola because many other beverages are posing an indirect competition to this sector.

The journey of a different beverage industry sector started on the note of quenching the thirst of an individual with the help of convenient packaging. In the second run, they battle it out for the flavor and the taste. In the third stage now they are trying to find a competitive edge with the help of nutritional value which is associated with the nutritional values. Most of the big giants in this sector are now coming up with some prudent strategies to capture the market share. They are striking partnerships with successful local brands and flexing their arms with the help of the distribution networks of the local arms.



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