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Beer is becoming the next soft drink for the youngsters. It has a past legacy of

Beer is becoming the next soft drink for the youngsters. It has a past legacy of success where marketing forces placed it as a chilling out drink for all. It is a facing an indirect competition from many other alcoholic beverages. During the initial run, it was promoted as the less harmful beverage, however, with the passage of time its popularity forced the promoters to come up with more variants.  For instance, in the USA they are now promoting gluten free beers. This statement clearly tells us that this industry segment is in synchronization with the rest of beverages that lured youth.

Beer can also be termed as the champagne of the youngsters, they love to party with the beers. Packaging solutions attached to beer brought its cost down for the manufacturers. Many local areas of the world have their own local beers and most of these beers have become a tradition. This industry segment has done a great bit of marketing to revamp itself from time to time. During the last decade of the 20th century, they tried to add a tag of "ladies special" drink on it. Now it has become a unisex drink. Most of the beer companies of the world have a stable market; the demand for new tastes and brands is creating an opportunity for them to expand the operations in other areas of the world. The arrival of the cosmopolitan culture is also creating a new lease of life for these brands.  

Right now the beer industry is feeling the threat of the arrival of certain other light-hearted drinks. Energy drinks are also posing a great threat to this sector. The negative publicity associated with most of the alcoholic beverages is also killing the future prospects of the beer. We cannot change scientific facts around it, however, the marketing and advertising forces across the world can give a fresh lease of life to this industry by placing it prudently in the lifestyle of the people.



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