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“How Green was my valley (1931)" and "Blood Diamond" in 2010 are two Hollyw

“How Green was my valley (1931)" and "Blood Diamond" in 2010 are two Hollywood movies that can give you an idea about the changing face of the mining industry. "How Green Was My Valley" explored the problem of the environment in 1931, the industry of mining was in its nascent stage and it was unbelievable for anyone that mining can become a curse word for the environment in the future.  

The film “Blood Diamond” on the other hand presented a different picture where the output of the mines was deciding the fate of many economic powers of the world. Mining has become a core sector; the economies of many countries are dependent on the products that are coming out the mines.  The mines are catering to the industrial demands of the local industry and international markets. They are also promoting small scale industries connected to the finished and semi-finished goods associated with some of the raw materials that are coming out as the products of the mining expeditions.

Countries like China and Australia have set up great examples where they cultivated industries based on the products coming out of the mines. The economic multiplier of the mines is very high; most of the mining companies have their tentacles rooted in local manufacturing facilities. They need constant expansions and on the return, they are also offering great premiums and dividends to the stockholders. The concept of the counter-guarantee is always on the cards to support this industry sector.

Environmentalists across the world are raising voices against many establishments working with the mining sector, however, most of these voices are unheard because the axis of development needs more fuel and more speed and mining sector are doing the same.  Hire a sensible research report and keep yourself updated with the growth of the ancillary industries if you wish to invest in this sector.



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