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Battery Technology

Portability of the energy is the biggest need of the hour. Electricity wants to r

Portability of the energy is the biggest need of the hour. Electricity wants to replace petroleum-based solutions in vehicles and other industries. In the same way, solar electricity wants to replace hydro-based electricity and nuclear electricity in the coming future. This transformation is completely dependent on the presence of the battery technology. It will not be a farfetched statement when we will say that battery technology has actually made it possible that we are thinking about any such transformation.

The future industries are heavily banking on the battery technology, batteries can become the lifeline of robots and other solutions in the future. The same thing can be said about the solutions that are based on the concept of the IOT or the Internet of the things. The battery industry corresponds to the demands of the electricity in the world. It is estimated that by the year of 2010 the demand for the electricity will increase by 40 percent. Considering the fact that most of the solutions are demanding autonomous sources the demand for the improved technology will also increase many folds.

Another sector that can generate the demand for the batteries in the future is connected with remote technologies, instead of developing infrastructure, powerful batteries can do the task of energy supply in many areas. A lot of things are dependent on the power carrying capacity of the battery and it's easy to get recharged. The durability of a battery solution can also become a big question mark in the future and restrict the growth of the industry as it did in the past.

Another positive change can also support this industry segment; many companies are designing battery friendly devices. The battery consumption has also become an important quest for R & D facilities working in the favour of many industry sectors.



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