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The second generation of the economy has already seen the peak of the machinery.

The second generation of the economy has already seen the peak of the machinery. They have made some complex structures for the big industries and later on simplified them for the small scale industries.  Electronics has played a key role in the automation of the machinery. Now the same electronics is also adding value to the current set of small and sensitive machineries. Like every other sector of the industry, the industry sector of machinery is also expecting new boom in the wave of the fourth industrial revolution. Apart from the automation the latest buzzword in this industry sector is portability.

The history of the textile segment of the industry can repeat itself in the coming future with many other industry segments. The machinery can also make a comeback in the mainstream with the help of robotic arms and other solutions. Many experts are in the opinion that the days of big assembly lines can come back and this time they will take the support of artificial intelligence. Machinery, electronics and artificial intelligence has all the powers to remove or minimize the human intervention from the assembly lines. This can bring in a cost cutting in the process of the production. This cost cutting has the power to change the behaviour of the market forces. They can bring down the prices quite considerably and change the equation of the demand and supply.

Most of the investors are aware that a ripple will take place in the market. However, the tide of this ripple will help which sectors first is the big question. A constant eye on various research reports can keep an investor updated about the investments. Instead of searching for single solutions ideally a person should search for the combination of the solutions if they want to change a few things in the market.



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