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The prices of the consumer electronics based goods have come down drastically aft

The prices of the consumer electronics based goods have come down drastically after the arrival of the E-commerce facilities.  A sudden change in the equations related to the distribution chain brought in these changes. The manufactures of the consumer goods enjoyed this condition and the distribution lines suffered drastically. During this change the status of the manufacturers remained unfazed. Now the same manufacturers are gearing up for the next state of the evolution where they are planning to launch their products directly on the online sources. The culture of the repairs of the goods is diminishing. These manufacturers are using it as an opportunity to retain their customer by replacing the goods on the merit of the resale. This type of the business model is supporting the industry big time and helping the manufactures in gaining maximum profits out of the products and services that they are offering. This business model of replacing the goods instead of the repair is definitely going to change the fortune of eh consumer goods when they will try to find a place in the markets that are all set to welcome the changes after the digital evolution.

It is very difficult to identify the actual worth of a company moving in this sector. Check it out in to the “rag to riches” section of various research reports and you will find that miracles do happen when all of a sudden a company with a path breaking product finds it way in the mainstream. Many players in this market are bubbling with ideas and patents to make fortunes. However, the things are dependent on the reception of the product in the market. In most of the cases they are releasing new products on the merits of the beta testing launch reports. The method of beta testing has become a tool for the marketers to increase the product life cycle of various goods sailing in the market of the consumer goods.



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