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If we see it in its practical form then we can say that instead of pigeons let&rs

If we see it in its practical form then we can say that instead of pigeons let’s establish weapons as the symbol of peace. It is true that leaders at the summit are constantly denouncing the violence, still, we cannot deny the fact that weapons are emerging as the biggest levelers in the field of diplomacy. Many countries of this world are overly busy in the task of the capacity building and strength building with the help of the weapons.

The motivating factors of this market are strange, here every sale creates a demand for a new market. Last few decades of the previous century has seen a decentralization of power after the end of the cold war. The new era is even more dangerous where many radical forces of the world are fighting an undeclared war.  

Currently, the market for the weapons is thriving in three layers; the first layer belongs to the personal security weapon. It can be considered as the FMCG of weapon markets. Numbers are big but the profit margins are not in tandem with the numbers.

The second layer of the weapon makers is selling weapons to the institutional buyers like armed forces of countries and police departments etc. They are receiving bulk orders and also making money in maintenance contracts as well. The third layer of the weapon makers belongs to the sophisticated weapon sellers. This segment sells state of the art expensive weapons and caters to the high classes of the weapon industry.

Countries like the US are liberal for the selling weapons because they have not imposed licenses and other formalities. Many more countries are also following the same suit and chances of an expansion in this market are very high in the near future. Check your options correctly before making an investment because weapon technology is changing fast, an investment in an obsolete technology may backfire.  



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