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The demand for security solutions is on an increase. It is happening because urba

The demand for security solutions is on an increase. It is happening because urbanization is taking place at a rapid speed. Urban places are always seeking for security solution because the stakes and the challenges are high. Almost three decades ago, companies and individuals were hiring security companies for softer jobs. Most of them were offering a glorified human surveillance. Now when all the public and private places of the world have become an undeclared war zone for the terrorists and extremist groups the need for security solutions is increasing.

The emergence of sophisticated technologies has changed the scenario completely for the security service providers. Now they can practice an economy of the mass by taking the support of the surveillance devices. This feat of the advancement has changed the face of the industry and now this industry is increasing at a steady growth rate.  The game of the cat and mice among the lawbreakers and the law keepers will never go to the end, this game is the prime booster of this industry.

On having a finer look on the services provided by this industry we can see two demarcations. The first demarcation takes us towards the solution providers that are mainly playing the role of the surveillance agents. The second demarcation takes us to a segment where people are hiring security experts that have combative abilities to curtail down the impact of any serious attack.

This industry is also making brisk money with the help of the culture of outsourcing.  Instead of maintaining in-house services, big organizations in public and private sector are hiring companies to offer solutions. Many research and development firms have also come into existence; they are also doing a lucrative business by formulating foolproof plans for the best results. Overall it can be a promising sector if an individual is placing his chips right while going for an investment.



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