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You might have never heard about any exhibition or summit level gathering where t

You might have never heard about any exhibition or summit level gathering where they are showcasing sophisticated weapons, just like they do it in the case of an automobile expo or a tourism base expo. Even then this sector is far bigger than your imagination. Military power and the reach of the weapons of the mass destruction have now become the benchmark of the power for a given country. The quantum of the investment is very high. Many countries of the world believe that they are purchasing weapons because they want to purchase peace for their people. This is why most of the countries have a separate defense budget and this budget eats out a considerable amount of the sum from the GDP.

Until the era of cold war, not many players were present in the market. The sentiment towards the purchase of big weapons was negative. Many experts were under the impression that the end of the cold war brings this market even down. However, the things changed drastically when some small players made an entry in the business. New international equations forced smaller countries to purchase heavy weaponry. It also means that the demand for the weapons is always on the increase because smaller countries of the world are also expanding their business very rapidly.

With the arrival of smaller militant groups and insurgency drivers in various parts of the world, now this segment is thriving on two levels. Militants and other negative powers are purchasing heavy weaponry with an intention to capture smaller countries of the world and smaller countries are spending heavily on the defense with an intention to create deterrence against the terror parties.

Looking at the finer side of the industry we can say that here we have an industry which is recession proof. They are earning money during the peace days; if a war takes place then it is definitely a peak season for this segment.



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