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The textile industry has its own set of calculations going with it. Textiles cate

The textile industry has its own set of calculations going with it. Textiles cater to one of the core needs of human beings in the form of clothing. However, we cannot think of long-term gains or create a business model running on long-term calculations because it is a fashion-driven industry. It is an industry where the footsteps of the style leaders create demand patterns and the bigger machinery follows the footsteps created by them. Still, the demand for the cloths is increasing because the per capita consumption of the cloths is increasing. We are living in a “click and post” world. This culture is supporting the demand factor.

The arrival of the new business models or the online revolution has only contributed to the demand and created new avenues for the sales. The factors like “touch and feel” are still working the favour of this segment and this is why most of the shops that were in the business are still in business. This factor alone makes it a favourable market for many investors because it adds a kind of stability in the offerings. It also indicates that the forex signals received by an ordinary investor are true in many ways and they can be trusted based on the simple calculations of mean and median because of the appearance of the repeat patterns.  

Secondary market players in this sector are now looking for an upward movement and most of them are coming up with retail chains where they are directly interacting with the customers. During the decade of 60’s this industry saw a big turnaround of the events when smaller looms came into existence and organized sector of the industry suffered a great deal. However, this sector recovered well and now it is emerging as a promising sector that should have a presence in every wise investment portfolio.



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