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We all are aware that India is a big market for agricultural products; certain pr

We all are aware that India is a big market for agricultural products; certain products like tea and coffee are in great demand in western countries as well. Almost two and half decade ago when British rulers of India were trying to send coffee abroad as a trade commodity, the biggest problem that they were facing was connected with packaging. Once they conquered it, it changed the face of the coffee industry in India. Packaging industry certainly has the power to change the face of any industry in India.

We can see it in the days of Cola wars when in order to prevent the growth of rival companies, Cola companies destroyed each other’s bottles and prevent their next lot to make an entry in the market.  Packaging has become another product in the process of business. In the recent past Irish coffee industry also set an example when they levied an additional tax on the disposable coffee cups. They increased the prices of the coffee with disposable cups. Even then the sales figures of coffee with disposable cups did not come down. Customers were ready to pay that extra bit of money because the packaging of the coffee was adding a convenience of lifestyle in their offerings.

Many companies are rushing to go for patents associated with the packaging solutions. It is a positive sign for the industry because it is the packaging that is adding a new charm to some old products. The packaging is also developing a new culture for the consumers. In the past, it was another logistic attached to the main product. However, with a passage of time, the packaging has become a key factor and the USP of the products as well. As an investor one can keep an eye on the movements of some big shots in the market and place his chips in the domain of the profit.



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