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Lifestyle too has a life cycle associated with it; it is not an incomplete statem

Lifestyle too has a life cycle associated with it; it is not an incomplete statement by any standards. In the past human beings were taking the help of the machines in order to make their life easy, however, now the same human race is taking the support of machines in order to increase the difficulty levels of the physical exercise.

They are reinventing the great lifestyle related solutions at regular intervals. For instance during the 60’s the buzz word was fitness, now during the second decade of 21st century the buzzword is ‘wellbeing.” We can easily name a category of the products working in the field of the wellbeing. Instead of having a tea they are having a tea for the wellbeing of an individual.

The need for the lifestyle-related segments was always present in the market, however, there was a problem, and they were selling them indirectly. In the 21st century, the levels of the awareness are high and people are keen to purchase them directly. Right from the membership of a premium club to the purchase of Gym coupon or a Yoga class membership, everything is on sale. They are selling many conventional products under the same name. Sometimes they are simplifying a difficult adventure and presenting it to the masses. All this is happening. The tourism industry has also become a hub for the lifestyle-related options. They are also promoting them as an additional choice and adding value to their offerings.

The entry barriers are relatively low in this segment, this is why even if the things are not working an investor may not end up in heavy losses, if the things click with a certain product then they can mint money very easily from the game. The division of the profit or the equity is also a highlighting point. The stakeholders in the equity are very few and this is why an individual can expect heavy profits if the things click for him.



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