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Let’s start this introduction on a negative note, most of the heritage citi

Let’s start this introduction on a negative note, most of the heritage cities of the world are complaining that they are losing their identity as a different city. This concern is a left-hand compliment for the existing industry of interior products. Interior products are finding a market everywhere because of the innovations that have been done in this market segment. Here we would like to pinpoint towards a change, in the past, they were considering interior products as the durable consumer durable products. However, the things have changed now, now people are keen to replace interiors frequently with an intention to add a variety in their living space.

In the past, the focus was more on durability, however, now they are more concerned about the aesthetics. During the last five decades, interior decoration has emerged as a different market segment. They carved out an identity for themselves ahead of the regular architects. The world has also seen the emergence of a global village like culture; this culture is allowing the solution providers to market their products in different countries. Since they are able to practice the economy of the mass, they can keep a control on the price of the goods.

In the past most of the interior solutions were in a state of the art domain, the sales were stagnant because everybody wants an exclusive touch to their goods. Things have changed now, now most of the players have international ambitions and this is why they are seeking for the support of the investors all the time. It has become a lucrative option now; most of the companies are looking for quick investments and rush to the international markets. The market for interiors always has this potential to bring in quick returns, if an investor is keen on that. It is a sea change that market has observed during the past few decades and the prospects of the future are bright.



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