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The concept of the space is changing drastically. We have to keep a track of this

The concept of the space is changing drastically. We have to keep a track of this concept based on three factors. First the big cities of the world are craving for a vertical expansion, second, the concept of the living space is changing drastically, and it is giving way to a new stream where modular furniture is calling the shots. The meaning of the term occupancy for two may refer to a bunker bed or any other solution.

During the last two decades, we have also observed a change, this change is connected with the concept of the space, in the past, they were selling flats and spaces; however, in the current theories, architects are designing spaces in accordance with the furniture based solutions. Apart from the aesthetic based solutions, this new segment of the market is also making it big and attracting some institutional buyers. The integration of the upholstery in the furniture solutions has also added a convenience in this segment.

Portability is the key factor which is governing this market right now; a lot of innovations have been made in the field of the portability. This innovation is adding a new price tag to the offerings. Let’s check it on the scale of the consumer perception.  Almost fifty years ago they were filling the spaces inside the accommodations with the help of furniture based solutions. Now in the current theories, they are adding furniture into a cramped space.

It also means that furniture was an accessory those days and the emphasis was more on certain other things, however, in the current theories furniture is acting as a solution inside a cramped space. The addition of this term solution played positively with the furniture industry and now they are creating some high-end solutions. As an investor it can be an interesting option because finally, some brands are making an entry in the game, especially one has to keep an eye on the plastic based furniture solutions.



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