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Check out the history of USA and Russia, you will find many battles that took pla

Check out the history of USA and Russia, you will find many battles that took place with an intention to control the supply of the raw materials that can be used to make shoes. Things are easier now; raw materials are available in plenty because they can be made inside a factory with the help of carbon molecules. However, the same thing cannot be said about the battle lines that are drawn between the companies that are competing in the organized sector. The market for the shoes has become a tough market because of an oversupply.

During the last two hundred years, this market has completed a cycle of trends, demands and supply patterns. It started when raw material was important. Then it became a consumer durable product and people were seeking for sturdiness and comfort. In the third step, it became an accessory with the styling. Then a phase came in a phase when branded shoes started ruling the market. Another phase came in when this industry suffered the pangs of dummy shoes.

There are many supporting trends working in the favour of this industry segment, for instance, still, the shoes are the first item in the list of a consumer. We can see many examples when a shoe company has become an apparel company because of the popularity and the trust that they have gained in the market. Currently, the trend of the personalized shoes is coming back in the market and setting a new tone for the profit seekers.

As an investor, it is a great market because of the consistent demand factor associated with it. This market has a balancing factor attached to it, for instance when consumers were seeking for durable footwear they were ready to pay big amounts. Now the same customers are seeking for more footwear per annum, however, they are getting them at a cheaper price. Any prudent footwear maker or a showroom owner can price his goods accordingly and stay with the markets all the time to meet with the demand and supply equations.



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