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Keep aside the demand and supply factors, it is the presence of customized machin

Keep aside the demand and supply factors, it is the presence of customized machines that changed the phase of this industry completely. With the arrival of smaller machines taking care of specific tasks, the apparel-making units became small industries. We can study many success stories related to this industry sector where many players made it big because their designs were well accepted in the market. Riding on the same wave many local players tried to expand their portfolios by addressing the niche markets of various other parts of the globe and met with success.

The arrival of mass scale retailing and big stores also brought in the culture of mass manufacturing of the apparels. As an investor one has to keep an eye on this segment. This is one fragment of this industry sector where big players need to pump in money and they are generous to share profits with the promoters and other investors. As an investor one has to understand the fact that Apparel industry demands quick investments all the time. They are racing against the time because they are in the fashion industry. This is the reason that they incorporate other players in the game. There need to scale it up fast creates an opportunity for the investors because they can dictate their own terms in the process

This industry rides on the quotient of the glamour. In the current scenario, institutional buyers are also hiring apparel companies to design and supply goods for them. The clause of the exclusivity associated with the business of apparels also plays a crucial role in the brand positioning of these products.  The future is bright and the volumes are increasing with a passage of time because of the natural increase in the population. We cannot undermine the fact that at the end of the day it is dealing with one of the basic needs of human beings which is clothing.



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