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SWOT Analysis

The area of business strategy making has become a crucial area in the current mar

The area of business strategy making has become a crucial area in the current marketing scenario. The existing distribution chain based business models are feeling handicapped because online players can topple their biggest calculations with smart and swift moves. In other words, we can also say that if a company enjoys the power of the “brand perception” then it can do wonders in the market by making smart moves. The process of the SWOT analysis can play a crucial role in this condition.

Let’s face another bitter fact about the market. Some companies are using the power of the propaganda campaigns in order to mitigate the impacts of the strong brand perceptions earned by certain companies. The process of the SWOT analysis gives us an indication connected to the fine edge of the competitive lines where a brand can either secure or safeguard its interests. SWOT analysis is finding its way into the primary business processes and becoming a day to day activity for the planners and executioners of the business operations.

The process of the planning is changing its face and methods with the current speed of the business. The difference between planning and implementation is diminishing fast. SWOT analysis is a part of planning. Now when most of the business sectors are adopting the methods to introduce incremental planning, the role of SWOT analysis has increased many folds. It is an old practice which is finding a new definition in the current business environment.

Another factor that supports the concept of quick and fast SWOT analysis is connected with the handling of the variables of any given research. SWOT analysis directly corresponds to the variables that are changing rapidly, it creates a framework where a business facility can monitor the variables and come up with some mechanisms where the impacts of the variables can be mitigated.



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