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Do we really need market guides in the era of the internet? The answer is yes, al

Do we really need market guides in the era of the internet? The answer is yes, almost a decade ago two streams of information were flowing on the internet. The first stream was connected with the serious information. The second stream was connected with sponsored fancy information. The current searches on the internet are loaded with fancy sponsored stuff and sometimes they can hide the real picture of the trade in the favor of certain players or cartels.  

The opinions given by the technical experts and the market insiders are still undercover and available in the research reports connected to certain seasoned publications. The segment of market guides is constantly updating itself with some features connected to the IT facilities. For instance, most of the players in the market are now offering digital versions of market guides. Apart from these digital versions, they are also giving a selective access to patrons on the webpages where they are publishing news articles connected to the latest developments in the sectors of the trade.

The segment of the market guides will never go down, the need for the market guides is increasing with a passage of time. We have observed a natural increase in the information level of the investors. If they seek a cutting edge in the trade then market guides can always supply them the same.

Many market guides are addictive and support the process of the thought formation and decision making. This sector may have its limitations because it caters to a niche market, however, its importance and the presence cannot be denied because of the fact that it is the ultimate fountain of the information related to any given trade. Here we would also like to add one more fact that there are many market guides that has the power to change the thought process of a market and bring in certain changes.



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