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The industry of the paint was a dependent industry at the turn of this century. They were conside

The industry of the paint was a dependent industry at the turn of this century. They were considering it as a consumer durable item. Industry sectors were using it with an intention to add durability to their items. The processes of the application were very expensive. It was an expert job and this is why masses were reluctant to consume it very frequently. The production capacities were reached at the levels of the state of the factory, However; markets were treating it as a "state of the art" object.

The first decade of the 21 st century created a breakthrough of sorts when paint makers started developing the technologies to make the job of painting easier. Apart from it they also introduced a lifestyle quotient in the usage patterns associated with the paints. It was a big challenge for them where they went for a makeover of sorts and change the perception of the market related to the durability of the paints. Introduction of new polymer and plastic varieties also changed a few things related to user patterns. This change in the user patterns increased the demands for the paints in multiple folds.

Currently, this market is running on the fast track where many players are keen on practicing the economy of scale with their options. Now paint industry is going for the exercise of value additions and aftersales services in their offerings. They are maintaining the pricing justifications and at the same time, they are also increasing the volume of the sales in the same stroke. The addition of a service portfolio added a new spark in this industry. Based on this spark and a new emerging culture paint industry is bound to bring in good results in the coming future. Choose your stocks wisely take the support of research reports and pick up some stable names that can shine even further in the future.


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