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Paints and coating are creating a new market segment for themselves in the secondary market. The

Paints and coating are creating a new market segment for themselves in the secondary market. The culture of the scarp is prevailing in the market and giving rise to a new breed of metal products. Here the manufacturers are using inferior quality metals and covering them up with the help of paints of the coating. Many institutional buyers are striking joint ventures with the paint companies and coming up with their exclusive brands of the paints. More and more industries are now adopting this culture of covering up inferior quality metals and other raw materials with the help of coatings and paints.

This is one user pattern; many more user patterns are emerging in the market, where the coatings are playing a crucial role. Temperature resistant coatings, sound resistant coatings are few examples that we can present here.

The sector of the paints and coatings is termed as the glossiest sector of the chemical industry. It mainly deals with the finished goods and acts as a price addition factor in any given well. Industry sectors like automobile and others are keen on paying exorbitant sums to the paint companies. For them, it is a great value addition to their regular offerings. We can understand it with the example of the cars, adding new colors in a regular car model is more or less like a revamping of an old model. A simple new twist of a different coating can change the color and texture of the car completely.

Many industries across the world consider paint and coatings as the finish line of their assembly lines. They don’t want to compromise on the quality of the product on the finish line this is why the room for innovation and “status of the art” are two factors that are going to work as the boosting factors for this industry in the near future.


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