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The word others right now refers to some smaller sectors of the business activiti

The word others right now refers to some smaller sectors of the business activities that thrive mainly on the local levels. Most of these segments were unnoticed prior to the revolution of the internet where substantial venues to promote businesses were out of the sight. However, now they are finding a space for themselves and showcasing their goods in the larger markets. When we check out the sum of these activities then we find that sometimes they can beat a mainstream industry sector. We can understand it with the help of the sector comprised of private tutors in India. According to an estimate, this industry is worth INR ten thousand crores. This sum is very large in comparison with the organized sector players.  

Many such industry sectors are available in the world. The services provided by the NGO's across the world are another example that can be calculated. We deliberately picked this sector for a purpose. This sector is important because of a special transition.  There are many "small time" NGO's that raised the fund from the public and later on got this patronage from international funding agencies. Further, the same NGO's supported small businesses and came up with a business model to make a profit and return the investments of the promoters.  

Quite surprisingly, these sectors barely make a loss on an annual basis. We can also understand it with the help of a simple example, most of the investors rush towards the tree in the search for fruits. Here the tree is an endeavor and fruits are profit. Investors check the timber of the tree and ensure that their investments are secure. Most of the investor's eye on the fruits alone and neglect other components. They forget that the supporting mechanisms behind the cultivation of the fruits are equally important and they earn regular income.

If an investor is seeking for high gain high rise options for small investment then this sector can be the sector of his choice. Most of the players in this sector don't charge much premium. It also means that if you are losing the money then it is a small sum, however, if you are gaining the money out the business then the gain is high because you are purchasing more units in comparison with regular investments. This factor somehow covers the impacts of high-risk tendencies of these investments.



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