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Last five years have seen a divide on the fate of human resources for the future

Last five years have seen a divide on the fate of human resources for the future industries, it is happening because of two reasons. The first reason is connected with the globalization. Developed countries of the world are seeking for the economic labor force. People living in developing countries are always looking for such types of options. This is where the role of human resource industry comes in; they have this potential of generating talent pools and support the industrial ambitions of developed countries.

Another school of thought says that apart from the analytics most of the other sectors will not need excessive human intervention in the processes anymore. If it is happening then Human resource as an industry sector becomes very important.  They share this responsibility of preparing industry ready individuals that can work in various organizations on a short-term basis.

When we see this scary picture of the future then we find that in the future the importance of the HR facility will increase multiple folds. It will be the time when industries will seek for the human beings that can give a good company to the machines and work with them to bring out the best potential of any given machine.

Human resource as an industry sector is also going to become important because in the future the emergence of human resource management is on the cards. It will happen because of the increasing demand for the outsourcing of the processes. Many companies don't want to maintain a separate HR division; instead, they want to outsource the entire process to a company that can take care of all the issued connected to the HR development and HR management. The separate emergence of the HR firms and HR solution providers is going to the next big leap that this industry sector can take in the future and change the working culture of the world in a big way.



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