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Transportation is a primitive need, when we check out its growth patterns then we

Transportation is a primitive need, when we check out its growth patterns then we find that primary need was connected with the weight, than in the second phase they developed speed. After it they introduced the economy of the scale on some beaten tracks. Like the construction of rail roads, airports and roads. Finally, the phase came when speed along with the comfort became the drivers. Right now most of the prominent sectors of the world are ready to support further developments in the section of the transport. The need for transport is always on an increase, many technologies are drawing parallel lines on the busy routes of demand.

Transport facilities changed the business scape of the world. They always serve as an important logistic for the existing businesses. Government policies and local factor plays a key role in the development of this industry which is moving at a steady pace. Big companies are now working on the technologies to meet out certain problems like traffic congestion and shortage of the manpower in this industry sector. Driverless cabs and driverless personal passenger cars is one such example. Alternative methods of the transportation are also emerging as the need of the hour.

The mode of the transportations can see a big shift in the coming future when the commitment of the world towards the environment will take the charge of the proceedings. Environmental concerns may take the front seat and many existing solutions can be forced to change the gears in the coming years. This trend has already been observed in many developed countries where the focus is shifting towards pollution less technologies, developed countries are also looking forward for hybrid options.

This industry sector is striving for heavy investments because some sea changes in the field of the technology are awaited. As an investor one has to keep an eye on the R&D facilities of various companies. New technologies always have the power to change the wheel of the fortunes in the favour of the investors.



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