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Machines or we must say “the mechanical solutions” are all poised to

Machines or we must say “the mechanical solutions” are all poised to take a big leap. There are two supporting factors behind this leap. Frist, human labour is becoming costlier with each passing day and second machines are gaining the wings of IOT or the internet of the things. Many economists believe that the third and fourth decades of 21st century will witness a different kind of revolution, this revolution will cut down the intervention of human beings from the regular processes and machines will take over.

Recent developments in the field of Robotics and IT technology are opening up new avenues for this sector of the industry. Many experts are expecting a kind of revival in this sector where new inventions will bring it on the driving seat of the economy in the near future.

As an investor one has to keep an eye on the changing face of the industry. The regular market place for the machines is changing its methods and trade practices. The service mechanisms and the aftersales mechanisms associated with the machines are also changing. More and more companies are now coming up with the business models where they are killing the culture of re sale and repair. Right now it seems like a small tactic to increase the brand life cycle, however, in the coming future it can become a cutting edge for many companies where they will kill opponents by taking a charge on 360 degree levels.

Machines have become an integral part of human life; they have become the new lifeline for working culture. They have become a lifestyle for many. This industry sector has a position to regain in the future where existing machines enabled with the IT facilities are going to change the landscape of the world on industrial levels and domestic fronts.



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