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Per Capita use of the water is increasing across the world. The densely populated

Per Capita use of the water is increasing across the world. The densely populated areas of the world may face an acute shortage of the water in the coming years because the water levels of the natural sources are going down drastically. An exponential increase in the population in certain areas of the world has created a shortage of the water resources. There are many industrial sectors where the demand for water is very high. The biggest failure in the field of water resource management lies in the fact that still now most of the countries of the world are not able to manage the water cycle of the world. This water cycle follows a pattern of drought followed by a flood. Many environmentalists believe that in the coming future this situation is going to become grim.  

Water is all set to become the next most important commodity in the world. Big players are now seeking for the grounds where they can harvest water and use it for the commercial purpose. Here we would like to share an estimation that will give you a fair idea about the emergence of the water as a potential industry in the coming future. According to a survey done by an international agency, by the year 2050, a country like India will end up spending 6 percent of its GDP in water resource management and other related processes.

The flow of the natural water in the drainage system of nature has also become a big problem.  Many rivers and strong water streams pass through different countries. In normal cases, it is fine, however during the phase of drought and other condition it can create disputes if proper treaties are not in place. The water is certainly going to become a commodity and a big need for the human race in the coming future, right now it is a natural resource, however, in the coming future it will become a commodity and attract a business model.



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