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Let's start this section on a redundant note, a device adopted by the marketers t

Let's start this section on a redundant note, a device adopted by the marketers to describe "before and after scenario." This device may have become cliché however; the same device has this magical impact when it comes to describing the impacts of technology on the market. Transportation was a need; our ancestors were using mules for the purpose. The invention of the wheel changed the course of the life for them. The technologies weaved around the wheels have given rise to an industry sector called Transportation.

Now you can understand, that technology has the power to initiate a sector, in the current scenario many technologies have changed the face of the industries and changed the dimensions of the services that were attached to them. We can take the example of cloud technology; this technology sector has changed the complexion of the world and created a parallel virtual world around it. Cloud technology is one example; many more technologies are finding a way in their regular course. Some of them will get an opportunity by the virtue of the natural progress while the others might need a push from the side of the promoters.

Many more technologies are knocking the doors of the corporate world and seeking a patronage. Most of them have this potential to change the world or support certain industry sectors with a tenacity change the life of the people or the greater impact of an activity. The section of the technology demands the patronage of the investors. It needs a fully-fledged support of the concerning industries to change the world. It is a sector that has the power to change the course of the world for the good.  It is a sector that has the power to present ample opportunities to an investor where he can park his money and wait for the profits or an exorbitant sum of the profit to roll in.



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