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Everything boils down to the triple bottom line of people planet and profit. The

Everything boils down to the triple bottom line of people planet and profit. The Geneva summit of 2011 clearly stated the guidelines related to striking a balance between the three aspects of the humanity. Now anyone can understand that all the countries and industry sectors are committed to the task of the welfare of the people. Works undertaken for the welfare of the people falls under the domain of public sector.

Most of the governments and philanthropic organizations across the world have ample money for these schemes. Implementation of the programs and the right distribution of the goods among the needy people is a big challenge.  In order to prove their worthiness in front of the big organizations, many public sector based organizations need heavy investment from time to time. This is the area where a regular investor can support these organizations.

Government sector undertakings also invest heavily in the infrastructure with an intention to uplift the living standard of the people. Many investors think that the works undertaken by the public sector are all confined to social service and the act of the charities. However, the definition of the public sector is bigger than this. The public sector also deals with the infrastructure of the place and comes up with the opportunities related to the development of the area. This opportunity creates a multiplier that supports the local economy quite considerably.

Sometimes the flow of the returns may be on the slower side; however, the investment is safe by all the possible standards because government sector and other agencies take the guarantee for the same. The public sector is one sector that is recession-proof. When we check out the performance of various economics during the recession then we find that public sector always emerges as the key sector and acting as a booster for an ailing economy.



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