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There is a difference between cure and the management. Cure means you finally got

There is a difference between cure and the management. Cure means you finally got rid of the problem, management says that the problem persists but it is under control because of certain medications or the methods. When a doctor offers a cure then he is acting like a seller, however, when the same doctor comes up with some solutions that can be termed as management then, in this case, the patient becomes a client. The industry surrounded by the disease of the diabetes is actually moving along the lines of this client business. Most of the patients need the mediation and the consultancy on a regular basis

Brand loyalties are high and need for the medicines are increasing on the regular basis. Diabetes has become an industry sector in itself. There are direct medicines that control the disease. Then we have monitoring devices that keep a check on the condition of the body. When diabetes makes an entry in the body then the body becomes a host for many other problems. Management of diabetes along with other diseases is also a big challenge. R & D facilities of many companies are day and night busy in doing certain researchers where they are developing medicines for the multiple conditions.

All the above-mentioned conditions are developing an industry around diabetes. We are studying it under a different heading altogether because right now medical science has also started identifying separate diabetes experts that prescribe medicine for the management diabetes alongside the other diseases. For instance, maintaining the problem of the obesity is not in the domain of medical science because simple exercising and balanced diet can manage it. A patient with diabetes, however, needs an intervention of diabetes expert for the process. After a certain point, this disease becomes the control room for many processes or the cures that body needs or demands.



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