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Electronics is the stream that changed the complexion of the world. When we check

Electronics is the stream that changed the complexion of the world. When we check out the systematic evolution of the devices around us then we find that electronics related solutions are present in the core and playing an important role in them. The revolution associated with the computers is an outcome of the electronics. We also make a statement of sorts when we will say that electronics forms the infrastructure for the IT facility. The hardware part of the It facility cannot do without the presence of the electronics. It might sound like a tip to many investors when any research report will say that electronics as an industry sector is bound to make a strong comeback.

This sector lost its seen because the solutions became very simple after a point of time and the technology became easier. Many unorganized sector players started manufacturing certain goods and prices came down. The second most important changeover came in when introduction of the artificial intelligence shifted the base of the power in the hands of the IT based companies and manufactures and the business associated with the electronics limited its periphery to secondary market.

The onset of the fourth industrial revolution has all set to change the complexion of the market all over again. Electronics based solutions are going to play a key role in the making of IOT devices. Many companies are busy in the processing of R & D based solution and looking up for huge investments. These investments can pave the way for the future of this industry which is bright. The current makeover of this industry sector will not make it the king of the market. However, this makeover will place it in the role of the kingmaker for the future markets where IOT devices are going to rule the roost and set the tone for the fifth industrial revolution.



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