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Can we imagine a world without chemicals and materials at the turn of the 21 st century? The answ

Can we imagine a world without chemicals and materials at the turn of the 21 st century? The answer to this question says "no we cannot." If we wish to check the shape of the world without certain materials and chemicals then we need to travel back in time and look at the pictures of the world, what it was almost 250 years ago. The world was an inconvenient place to live in the absence of chemicals and materials. It is true that right now this sector is showing a slow annual growth of six to seven percent per annum; still, we cannot deny it as a safe investment in many ways.

It has a seasonal demand pattern and this is why investors seeking a long-term investment are always keen on keeping a few stocks belonging to chemicals and material section in their portfolio. It is true that slower growth rates of this industry sector forced many big investors to pull off their money; however, the market structures and the business models are supporting this sector big time as a stable investment.

This market is free of big fluctuations. Most of the companies are working on the virtue of geographical advantages, this is why they can predict their needs well and keep their promises in the terms of sales and profit predictions very easily. A sensible survey report can always help an investor to plan long-term and check the parameters of the investment judiciously. On the flip side, we can mention about the environmental related worries raised by the developed countries of the world. Most of these industries are not environment-friendly. Still, we cannot deny the fact that the demand for the goods coming out of this industry sector is always on a rise. It is true that it may face heavy taxations or discouragement in the coming future, still, it has a vast market to cover up certain difficulties that may arise in the immediate future.


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