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What is a marketplace? Is it confined to certain avenues in the busy streets of a city? Is it just confined to some online addresses where people are using E-commerce services? What is the periphery of the business? The answer to these questions can be summed of in a simple paragraph. Business is a point of view to look at the world. When they were living under the realms of the barter economy even at that point in time they were doing business.

In its purest form, the business is a sum of all the activities that can be exchanged in return for money or any other service.  Looking at the life from the point of view of the business gives us a larger perspective on the life. It is the same with the marketplace as well. Looking at the marketplace from the point of view of a profit can sometimes create myopia in our business decision making; however, looking at the same marketplace from the point of view of business activities can give us clarity in the thought process and allow us to think divergently.

Get an access to some literature in the form of business reports where they are projecting the markets through the lens of the activities. Try to search out for business activities ahead of the spreadsheets, profit and loss statements. Get an access to some information that can give you knowledge along with wisdom.  Many journals and research reports are available in the market where they are presenting a world connected to the business activities ahead of the special interest messages that are prevailing on the internet. Many of these journals can act as a real eye opener for you and add a different tangent in your decision making systems when you will search out for better options in the market for the purpose of the investment.


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