Here at ARC, we are dealing with three different generations of the client. This is all the three channels corresponding to three different generations are available to place an order. All the three methods are interconnected and you can switch over to any mode as per your needs and feasibility any time. You can contact us and place an order by these three methods.

Telephone: Please make a direct call to us and get registered, if you need a tangible human touch during the course of the placement of an order and its delivery then our helplines is ready to serve you 24x7. Email: Initiate a communication with us on E-mail, our executive will revert back to you in less than 24 hours. It is an effective way of placing an order if you have a busy schedule and you are keen to know a few things about the order in great details.

Direct Purchase: Visit our website, choose your desired package and make a payment to us. You will get an instant delivery in accordance with the industry best practices. You can compare this experience with a direct visit to an online mart or bookstore.

Online: We entertain all the direct purchases through online methods; you can use credit cards (VISA, American Express, and master card). You can also use debit cards and other methods as they are making an entry in the marquee.

PayPal: Overseas clients can make direct payments with the help of pay pal.

Bank/Wire Transfers: Transfers with the help of wire technology or the banking systems can be made directly to our bank account. We have the facilities of producing an instant receipt of the payments. We can also issue an instance invoice if you can provide a signed copy of necessary documents. A remittance copy will also be maintained for the transaction.

The soft copy of the research or any other good will be delivered within a span of 24 to 48 hours after the completion of the financial transaction or the confirmation of the payment.

The delivery of the hardcopy of the same is subjected to an agreement between the publisher of the report and the purchaser. An additional cost will be levied upon such transactions based upon the geographical distance between the places and the modes of the transportation of the consignment.

ARC will not be held responsible for any delay, damage or any other mishap connected to the hard copy delivery of the goods. However, we can open a direct channel between the two parties for the collection of the delivery reports and the status of the parcel or the delivery. The same thing is applicable in the case of the delivery of damaged goods. ARC is not responsible for any refund or replacement of the damaged good. We are not liable or committed to any conditions. As a general practice, a client should immediately contact the sender in case he receives a damaged copy or a wrong document. The limiting factors connected to the time of the damaged good delivery or wrong parcel delivery are in the domain between the buyer and the seller, ARC holds no responsibility for the same at any given standard.