Analytical Research Cognizance ("ARC") is a trusted hub for research reports that critically renders accurate and statistical data for your business growth. Our extensive database of examined market reports places us amongst the best industry report firms. Our professionally equipped team further strengthens ARC’s potential.

ARC works with the mission of creating a platform where marketers can have access to informative, latest and well researched reports. To achieve this aim our experts tactically scrutinize every report that comes under their eye.

Our Services:

1. Syndicated Reports:

Syndicated reports consolidate raw data for all the viewers to visit and check. These reports provide labels which are fully explored in the complete report. Syndicated reports chiefly give generic view of business verticals, industry dynamics, market restraints, major players, key demographic regions, future trends and other related information. For syndicated reports check our Latest Reports

2. Customized Reports:

Understanding the needs of our clients, we also provide customized reports. Customized reports are prepared on client’s demand of what they require from us. ARC is flexible to provide reports displaying specific information like; particular geography, individual player, certain statistics or for a definite forecast period etc. For further details about customized reports Contact Us

3. Subscription:

Clients who requires more than one report ARC allocates special benefits. We have discrete and productive perks that profit our customers. Under Subscription services ARC encompasses facilities like Post-Sale, Customization, Statistical Data in Excel File, One year update and Hard copy of report. These facilities vary according to the plan you choose.

4.Region Specific Report:

The large database at ARC allows us to deliver industry reports for a particular demographic space. The region specific reports consist of all the necessary data required to understand peculiar dynamics of your chosen region. To excel your business in a fixed geography know more about our Region Specific Reports

Our Salient Approach:

The four C’s collaborations, complete accuracy, contemporary and competition ready distinguish ARC:


As ARC is very particular about choosing publishers our collaborations sets us apart. ARC subtly investigates company profile before tie up thus ARC has leading publishers as their partners.

Complete Accuracy:

The specialised team at ARC critically observes all the minuteness of the reports so only the optimal reports reach our clients. The industry reports at ARC are well scrutinized and display statistics, figures, graph and all data with absolute precision.


There are multiple factors like technology, recent market trends, current industry segments that affect business today. ARC takes care of various such situations and provides you the reports that belong to the contemporary business world.

Competetion Ready:

Our strategic approach towards market and professional team make you all ready to excel in your business.


We see ourselves to be one of the leading reseller of market research reports from across the globe and meet the strategic requirements of our clients.


ARC strives to create a global platform for accurate industry report to match our client’s requirements and budget, where business grows with precision without turning back.