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The second decade of the 21 st century is finally changing the language of the business and profits. "Brand Perception" has already replaced "Place" the third "P" of the marketing. Instead of looking for the experience and worldly wisdom related to the consumer behavior now they are looking forward to going for an analysis of the footprints made by the customers on the marketplace created by "world wide web."

Almost three decade ago markets were learning to live with the mantra of “business @ thought.” Now with the arrival of big data facilities, they are working on the mantra of "decision@ thought", "future prediction @ thought" and finally "the execution @ thought."

www.arcognizance.com is an initiation in this new era of “analysis @ thought.” We are on a mission to replace the conventional research programs and give way to the latest methods and information for the organizations. We have created this hub of analytical research papers where you can get an access to the latest and the best research papers coming out from some reliable and budding research houses. After the advent of “new analytics" based on the data collection facilities of big data, the face of "business research facilities" has changed drastically. With ARC our experts have created a bookshelf where you can check out the research reports that are an outcome of the progression of knowledge in various industry sectors. Alongside you can also check some research papers, market reports, and forecasts that are talking about the "out of the box" developments in the market.

Our expert team has managed the database of De crème la crème of the research papers that made it big in the past. We have the performance based rating system to showcase the latest and the best research papers of the marketplace where an end user can select them with the help of rating based navigation system. You can search out for the research papers based on the following filters and save time with us.

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Our aim is to provide our customers with the best research reports to match their requirements and budget. We are willing to go the extra mile to fulfil our customers’ requirements through extra research, analysis, and customization in the reports so that they receive the quality information they expect through our reports.


We are a customer centric company, and hence we see ourselves to be one of the leading publishers of market research reports from across the globe and meet the needs of our customers on a daily basis. To achieve this, we are willing to go the extra mile for our customers to meet their needs and for this we aspire to collaborate with the leading experts and professionals in the industry to ensure that we are the best in the industry and are able to set a benchmark in quality of reports.