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Avanti Dengale, Co founder and CEO
Avanti is the Co-Founder and CEO of ARC. She has been in the market research industry for a substantial period of time in which she has been instrumental in taking a lot of companies to new heights. She has also been a founder and partner in other companies and now with ARC she has started on a new entrepreneurial journey. Avanti being a Human Resource expert and has been heading the HR department in her previous organizations. In ARC, Avanti is in charge of multiple departments which include Web Marketing (SEO), Web Content Management, Sales, and Human Resources.
Ranjeet Dengale, Co founder and Managing Director
Ranjeet is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of ARC. He started his entrepreneurial journey in the market research companies a few years ago, and before that he has garnered a lot of experience in other market research companies. He is instrumental in a lot of planning and strategizing the company and its journey towards being a success and believes in having a good team around him to take them home. Being from the field of Sales, Ranjeet is majorly heading the sales team at ARC while also coordinating with other departments which include Web Development (IT), SEO, and Web Content for sales.

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  • Global Luxury Hotels Market Research Report 2018 and
  • Global E-learning Corporate Compliance Training Industry 2013
  • 2018 Global E-cigarette Market Research Report with
  • Global Non-dairy Creamer Market 2018 Professional Survey
  • Global 3D Reconstruction Technology Market by Manufacturers, Countries,
  • Global Menstrual Cups Market 2018 by Manufacturers, Regions,
  • 2018-2025 Landline Phones Report on Global and
  • 2018 Global Mens Suits Market Research Report with


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